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existential crisis

I will never be this badass and I accept that fact.
Unprofessional Appearance?

I have to cover my tattoos at work. I work at a fucking movie theater. People come up to me all day asking “Why do you wear that sleeve?” I say “oh I have to cover my tattoos” then they say things like “Really? My husband is a doctor and doesn’t have to cover his.” 

What kinda shit is this? I work a bitch ass job getting paid nothing and have to cover my appearance, meanwhile doctors are SAVING PEOPLE’S LIVES with full sleeves of tattoos showing.

Most people’s attitudes are more shocking than having “FUCK” tattooed on your face, but you don’t see them having to stay away from the public.

Change this shit. They’re just tattoos.


Baylen Levore

In Between.

So I guess we HAVE to tour now. Oh darn.
Truth is

I haven’t felt loved in a long time.
It’s really wearing on me.

I legitimately got scared to die today.

Just thought about how much of my life I’ve gone through already. Damn.